this is not it…..

“My biggest problem is what to do about all the things I can't do anything about”

Princess Ruth Komuntale


Sister to king Oyo of the Toro kingdom, her wedding soon to an american chap will cost the small kingdom approximately 2bn Uganda shillings.


Someone was wondering on twitter, if she would be giving birth to golden babies and if her ……… Was made of gold.

Let’s not hustle the chic, she is a princess ad she deserves a fine wedding.

If only col Gadaffi was still Alive, maybe he would have tripled the price of the wedding, after all he and the Queen mother(also in picture with the princess in a blue gown) were very close friends with the Colonel.

We wish her the best in her up coming wedding.

And we also hope to be invited. Lol


One comment on “Princess Ruth Komuntale

  1. Mary
    June 25, 2012

    Seriously maybe some of that money could go towards feeding some hungry people in Africa.

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